Virginia Health Hospice features an experienced, highly-trained staff that offers a better quality of life for our patients, wherever they call home, surrounded by the people, pets and things they love. Each Comfort Care plan is custom-designed to provide pain management, compassion, and dignity for our patients, as well as support and grief counseling for our families.

VHH is a support system to the communities we serve and the residents who need our services. Our expertise and loving support are offered while still respecting the beliefs, choices, and wishes of those patients and families we serve.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is specialized, holistic, compassionate care focused on the individual needs of the patient with a life-limiting prognosis. The Hospice team understands the impact of this final journey on both the patient and their loved ones. We offer counseling support to both the patient and family during this time of change and uncertainty. The Hospice Comfort Care philosophy focuses solely on keeping a high level of physical and mental comfort for the patient.

Virginia Health Services is proud to have Virginia Health Hospice as part of our continuum of care, our system of services that blend seamlessly from one stage of need to another. The VHH team specializes in customizing a hospice plan for each patient to manage their symptoms and pain, so that the time remaining to them is peaceful and comfortable.

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